History of Service Honda CR500AF in Europe

Unfortunatly because of the limited availability of two-stroke engines, and other parts used in the construction of the bikes these bikes are no longer being produced. In the same way many of the core parts used in these bikes such as cylinder's, cases and frames are not available either. Our cooperation with Service Honda Hammond ended around 2017 when the 'Service Honda' and the 'AF500' trademarks were sold and the production of any AF model was discontinued.

During almost a decade from 2008 to 2017 Coniston Sàrl Luxembourg has been distributing for Europe, under the branding of our website AFBIGBORES.COM the mythical Service Honda AF projects. Custom hand made motorcycles which blended mytical 2 stroke engines of the past within modern aluminum frames . Honda and Kawasaki 500, 250 and 125 cubic centimeters engines were transplanted into CRF's and KXF's 250/450 frames. With passion and high concern for quality and flawless finish, birth was given to unfogettable objects of passion and desire among all 2 strokes enthousiasts. AFBIGBORES.COM remains alive and lets you rediscover the interesting history of some of the moments and motorcycles which came across our hands during those years.